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Family & Relationships

5 Love Languages

This workshop is based on Gary Chapman’s book, 5 Love Languages and includes research from The Gottman Institute.  We can choose to behave differently when we understand what is most important to those we love.  “Language” improve communication when we choose what matters most to our loved ones.  Open to anyone, call to set a date night for couples! Take the free love language assessment on The 5 Love Languages website.

ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences, Building Strong Brains Tennessee

​Chronic childhood trauma, or what experts call adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), can disrupt a child’s brain-building process. Like building a house in a storm or with below-grade materials and tools, ACEs are toxic to brain development and can compromise the brain’s structural integrity. Left unaddressed, ACEs and their effects make it more difficult for a child to succeed in school, live a healthy life and contribute to the state’s future prosperity — our communities, our workforce, and our civic life. Call for a training 423-745-2852. Find more information on the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth website. Watch the video​.

Co-Parenting/ Parenting Apart

The following topics are covered: Facts about divorce, the processes of divorce and mediation, domestic violence and divorce, dealing with stress, how children react to divorce, positive communication skills, helping children get through divorce, keeping children out of the middle of conflicts and the family after divorce. 4-hour course/ $40 if pre-registered or $50 at the door. Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts


Couples education that blends practical skills with an understanding of physiology of human interaction to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills. 8-hour interactive course, engaging couples in learning and practicing the seven core principles/ skills essential to maintaining healthy and stable relationships. Relationship Wheel. Elevate video. $40/ couple.

Fitting It Together

Winner of the 2007 National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Community Partnership Award.  Overall goal is for juveniles to learn to openly and constructively communicate within their interpersonal relationships. The program is designed for juveniles to attend 8 hours of education (4/ 2-hour sessions) and parents to attend one 2 hour session. Parents receive The Five Love Languages of Children by Dr. Gary Chapman. All 5 sessions, including parent session, $100 per juvenile. Fitting It Together video.

Girl Talk & Guy Talk

This educational program is designed to enhance communication between moms and their daughters/ dads and their sons about sexuality, family values, decision-making and responsibility. Four/ 2hour sessions, $40 per family.

How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk(ette)

It’s happened to everyone: you meet someone and fall madly in love and all good judgment and perspective are thrown out the window–until slowly you realize this person isn’t who you thought he or she was. But follow the steps in How to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk(ette)–a proven program used by thousands of singles worldwide–and break the destructive dating patterns that have prevented your happiness in the past.  Five or 10-lesson, practical approach to building healthy relationships while getting to know the most important areas of the person you are dating. It is easy to teach and learn because the entire curriculum flows from a simple picture of a relationship. $30 per person. For more information visit the “Love Thinks website“.  YouTube video.

Marriage/ Couples LINKS

LINKS (Lasting Intimacy through Nurturing Knowledge & Skills). Fun date night! Light-hearted entertaining atmosphere. Falling in love is easy… staying in love is an art. A relationship will not run itself; you must RUN YOUR RELATIONSHIP! There are two basic assumptions that are foundational to this entertaining program. First, healthy relationships are not balanced relationships… rather, they are balancing relationships. Life has predictable and unpredictable twists and turns so that couples need to make regular adjustments to ensure that they are staying on top of their closeness and intimacy. The second assumption naturally follows the first. Although there are some couples who instinctively run their marriage relationships, most couples need a plan for accomplishing this. Keeping your love strong requires ongoing communication and thoughtful consideration of your relationship. 5/ 2-hr sessions, $30 per couple.

Our Home Runs for Families/ Parents

Focuses on family bonding and is built around a baseball theme in which parents are compared with coaches and he kids compared to players. The Home Runs applies the RAM (Relationship Attachment Model) to strengthen the way that families communicate, respect, work and play together, support and build family resilience, express affection and affirmation and teaches how-to start regular family meetings. Series is offered families to attend together with youth or just as parents. Suitable for two-parent, single-parent and co-parent families. 5/ 2hr. sessions. Free- Take the on-demand course.

Parent Piece by Piece

Series of parenting education session designed for parents who have been mandated or encouraged to attend parenting training due to risk of child abuse and/ or neglect. Sessions address: normal child development, communication with adults and children, stress management, dealing with conflict and anger, discipline and use of community resources. Cost for the class is $40.00 for a total of 4/ 2-hr classes.


Alternatives to Anger workshop. What is anger? Anger triggers. Identifying​ how to respond to anger and how to de-stress Learn problem solving skills, listening, accepting others. Forgiving and letting go of the past, putting concepts into practice. 4/ 2hr sessions $40.

Contact Information:

Sarah Kite
Extension Agent III
Phone: 423-745-2852
Email: skite@utk.edu